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Southwest Florida Chapter Highlights Kike Calvo’s Impactful Work in New Year Gathering

Our featured speaker was Kike Calvo, a photographer and journalist who also composes music.

The Southwest Florida TCC Chapter kicked off the new year with an energetic gathering. They honored Dave Binkley for visiting 100 countries and achieving full membership. The meeting featured a presentation by Kike Calvo, who is not only a photographer and journalist but also a songwriter/composer now! Attendees enjoyed a multimedia presentation showcasing Kike’s photography from various corners of the globe. Kike also shared his profound ties to Colombia and recounted his experiences working there. He discussed his literacy initiative, “Little Explorer Big World,” which distributes children’s books he has authored and translated to remote areas worldwide for free.

Kike shared insights into his photography and global travels. Emphasizing the effort behind his success, Kike highlighted that becoming a photographer requires dedication and skill development. 

He showcased a diverse array of his artistic pursuits that transcend borders, from a captivating National Geographic feature on monks in Angkor Wat to elegantly capturing the grace of ballet dancers in regions where the art form is declining.

The discussion on Colombia showcased Kike’s deep expertise and firsthand experiences, focusing on indigenous people, birds, and landscapes. Through captivating photography, he brought to life the unique aspects of the region where outsiders are not typically welcomed. Kike’s efforts extend beyond photography to recording indigenous practices and distributing books, reaching even the children of Guerrilla fighters.

His passion extends to his innovative literacy project, “Little Explorer, Big World,” where he distributes the 24 children’s books he authored to remote global communities, totaling over 26,000 books so far. The project includes bilingual books with translations into various languages, including indigenous non-commercial languages, making a significant impact on literacy. The books center around themes of conservation and nature, with characters carefully crafted to champion inclusivity. This is a fascinating project best explained by Kike or visiting his site at

Dave Binkley was honored for reaching 100 countries with his visit to Rapa Nui.
Our January gathering was a great way to begin the new year.

Sarasota-Area Gathering Scheduled for January 2024

The Southwest Florida TCC Chapter will kick off the new year with a luncheon meeting on Friday, Jan. 12, at noon at Popi’s IV restaurant in Ellenton.Our program will feature Kike Calvo, a photographer and journalist who will present on the indigenous people living in a remote region of Colombia. Kike spearheads a project to… Read more »