September Meeting Report From the Sarasota-Area TCC Chapter

The Southwest Florida (Sarasota) TCC Chapter met for morning coffee on Saturday, Sept. 9, in St. Pete Beach, Florida. Despite the early start, discussion lasted through lunchtime. Members have been busy traveling this summer. Member Tom Kennedy described riding the Tende Rail Line between Nice and Tenda and the Linha do Vouga in Portugal this summer. Northern Canada has been a highlight. Member Anne Taylor shared her experience viewing the beluga whale migration and other arctic animals from an adventure camp 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle on Somerset Island, Nunavut, Canada. Members Merry and Dave Binkley shared their trip to northeastern Canada, including the TCC country of St. Pierre and Miquelon. This archipelago off the coast of Newfoundland is an overseas territory of France. They use the Euro, a passport is required to visit and the electricity is European standard.