Record-Setting Global Journey Featured During February 2021 NorCal Meeting

The Northern California Chapter and Washington D.C. Chapter joined forces via Zoom to welcome NorCal member Indy Nelson as our speaker. Indy has the distinction of being the youngest (24 years and 3 days) and fastest (539 days) to travel to all sovereign states. He traveled to 197 countries during an 18-month period by age 26, averaging three days in most places. Although Guinness World Records has failed to recognize his accomplishment, his presentation was fascinating.

“Take aways” included his appreciation for war zones, Google Translate,, and a Charles Schwab account which gave him access to local currency at ATM machines without fees. Where to next? Petra heads his list, and Indy is looking into some of the “little places” on the TCC List that were not part of his quest to visit sovereign states.