Report From the September 2020 Gathering in Nuremberg

Drone photo of group courtesy of Bjorn Watne

The Central Europe TCC Chapter hosted a festive gathering during the weekend of Sept. 11-13 in in Nuremberg, Germany. Participants from five countries (seven when counting home countries) introduced themselves and explained their commitment to traveling as well as their personal experiences in the ”special year” 2020.

During his opening remarks,  Armin Schreiner presented a TCC Gold status award to himself, and toasted the health of Volker Klein. Following the opening remarks, Florian Roski gave a detailed introduction to the history as well as to current sites of Nuremberg, his home town. The program for the day included five destination-focused presentations, each of which was cheered by the audience.

Our quiz host Reinhold Baer had cooked up some more truly ”hard nuts” (a German proverb) for us, and the winner was … not only one: With almost unbelievable 53 out of 63 points, Hubert Dahl and Joachim von zur Gathen shared top honors, followed by Dirk Hannemann with a decent (nearly) 45 points.

The three winners of our travel trivia quiz, pictured with quiz organizer Reinhold Baer (second from left)

2021 Meetings:

Due to the fact that international travel to Prague may still be hampered in spring 2021, we decided to swap the spring and the fall meeting only for the year to come.

The meeting in Prague (kindly co-hosted by Sarka Kinclova and Jirka Prasil) will therefore take place on Sept. 4, 2021. The first announcement will be sent out to all Central European members after the spring meeting in Germany.

For the spring meeting in 2021, the German city of Muenster in North Rhine-Westphalia was elected. The date will be April 17, 2021, thus providing another three weeks before the international meeting in La Valetta, Malta, from May 6-9, 2021. A proper invitation for Muenster will follow in due time!