President Tim Skeet and TCC Board Members Attended Virtual Canada Chapter Meeting in May

Thanks to those of you who participated in the TCC Canada Chapter meeting via a virtual Zoom in May. Great fun!

The intent was to make it as interactive as possible by asking those on the call: “If the pandemic ended tomorrow, what would be your first country destination, and why?” We had some interesting and unique responses with TCC folks musing about getting to new destinations around the globe.

Canadian members were joined by several TCC board members including President Tim Skeet, JoAnn Schwartz, Stefan Krasowski and Steve Fuller.

We also welcomed several Western Canada TCC members. A Zoom call is a great way we can “bridge the many thousand-kilometer stretch” across our wonderful country of Canada.

Looking forward to catching up again soon via another Zoom call where we still can share our experiences and collective passion for travel.

Stay tuned and speak soon,

Rick Shaver, TCC Canada Chapter Coordinator