Info Files Now Available for Members Only in the TCC Forum

Starting with the Info File #634 listed below, members must go to the TCC Forum to access the files. The Forum requires a user name and password to log in. If you are not already registered in this social network website for TCC members only, e-mail your request to Include your name, address and the e-mail address you wish to use to log in. Once your membership has been verified (dues paid), you will receive sign-in instructions by e-mail. TCC will continue to mail the Info Files to those who have paid the additional $10 ($75 domestic and $85 international). Back issues of the Info Files are available at $1.00 each.

The members-only TCC Forum is designed for members to use to post personal travelogues and photos and specific travel advice, or discuss a wide range of travel-related topics with other participating members.

New Info FIles for September 2012:

#634 Sao Tome, Rev. Robert Ippolito
#635 Lampedusa, Wayne E. Smith
#636 Cultural History of ABC Islands, Victor Sloan
#637 Belarus, James A. Smith
#638 Victoria Falls from both Zambia & Zimbabwe, Eric & Linda Fuller