2020 Central Europe Chapter Meetings in Prague and Nuremberg

The centrally located venue for our April 2020 Central Europe Chapter meeting in Prague

Dear Fellow Travelers,

Hopefully, all is well on your side after we met in Stuttgart! Also, all the best to our new European members!
Just like in 2019, it is my pleasure now to announce not one but two 2020 meetings of the Central Europe TCC Chapter:

The first event is being held in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic, on Saturday, April 25. Special thanks here to our Czech member, Sarka Kinclova, who already booked a very central meeting room and organized for a multicultural catering during the event.

Basically, we will have a full day for presentations and discussions, accompanied by plenty of sightseeing options in Prague in spring (also to be suggested and booked by Sarka in due time). Therefore, it may be worthwhile to stay for the whole weekend (Anja and myself will definitely not leave the city before Monday, April 27).

As always, we all depend on your personal input in order to put together a tentative program. So please make suggestions for your (PowerPoint) presentation or any other interesting pastime activity (such as a travel quiz, maybe). I am sure that you have something interesting in store for the other members! Otherwise, I have to prolong my own presentation (this is a threat ;-))) As soon as I have received some of your ideas I will forward another invitation including a draft schedule.

As indicated above, the meeting is to take place in the very city center of Prague (near the famous Astronomical Clock):

Skautský institut (Scout institute; see pictures attached)
Staroměstské náměstí 4/1
110 00 Prague
Czech Republic
Vítejte! – Skautsky institut

You may book your accommodation accordingly — there are all kinds and classes of hotels in immediate walking distance, as well as many Airbnb in all price categories.

With regard to the meeting lunch and service during coffee breaks, the company Ethnocatering was hired — they offer a great variety of foods (see sample images below).

As Prague is not too expensive, the meeting room fee including catering will add up to 37 Euro per participant. This was calculated on the basis of 40 participants (we were 37 in Brussels this year), so please use the chance to meet up again with your well-travelled friends.

When receiving the first program draft (not now!), you will be asked to register with me for the meeting by e-mailing and transferring the meeting fee (37 Euro per participant) in advance (until March 30 at the latest). Hopefully, this is OK with everybody.

The second event will be our fall meeting in Germany. Next year it is being held in the historic city of Nuremberg on Saturday, Sept. 12. So far, the venue is not decided on, and, consequently, it is impossible to calculate a meeting fee as yet. Like in Prague, it is an open meeting for all TCC members interested. Please spread the word to as many putative participants as possible and – most importantly, mark your calendars!

BTW, I will probably not respond to e-mails in all of February 2020, because Anja and I will be discovering Micronesia.

Have a good 2019 holiday season!

Armin SchreinerTCC Central Europe Chapter Coordinator