TCC Members Discuss Their Most Unusual Destinations at May Meeting in Little Rock

May 2012 in Little Rock. Standing: Bill Henderson-Cleland, Aaron Lubin, Dick Brannon, Linda Bell, Kevin Hughes, Anna and Steven Clift, Sandi Lubin, Charles Merkel and Marc Oudin. Seated: Dolena Kann, Andrea Herrmann, Carolyn Oudin, Judith Henderson-Cleland, Cora Lee Brannon, Mary Ann Graybiel and Walter Kann.

On May 26, 13 TCC members (including TCC Board Member Kevin Hughes and Charles Merkel, a Silver Member from Missouri) plus four guests met for lunch at Capers Restaurant in Little Rock. Responses to the program, “My Most Unusual Destination,” were varied. One couple took a Heifer International Study Tour to a remote area in South Africa. Another joined a group of archaeologists in Turkey. Among the sites members visited were: Cape Finisterre, the most westerly tip of Spain; the wooden Church of the Transformation, World Heritage Site on Kizhi Island in Russia; the ruins at Baalbeck in Lebanon; and the looted remains of Gadaffi’s complex in Tripoli. The most unusual response was the new museum of American Art, Crystal Bridges, located 215 miles from Little Rock in Bentonville, Arkansas. With its spacious grounds, beautiful outdoor sculpture, miles of walking trails combined with wonderful works of American artists it is truly a unique experience.

On October 31, l0.00 am, our member, Linda Bell ( is presenting a program on Easter Island and other interesting statues she  visited in Columbia, to the LifeQuest seniors at the Little Rock Second Presbyterian Church, on Cantrell (off I-430).

Our Nov. 3 meeting-luncheon will be held at 12.30 pm. at North Little Rock home of Anna and Steven Clift (501-771-4915), who will be presenting the program “Souvenirs From Our Travels.” They suggest everyone bring something of interest from “Among My Souvenirs.” This will be a sort of “Show and Tell” and should make for a very entertaining meeting. We welcome visitors. To RSVP and get directions, please contact the Clifts or Area Coordinator Dolena Kann (501-922-1632).