Photojournalist and International Aid Worker Philip Maher to Speak at September 2019 Meeting in Toronto


Philip Maher, has worked alongside such organizations as World Vision and the World Food Program.

Hello World Travelers,

I look forward to seeing everyone at our second 2019 meeting on Saturday, Sept. 14,  at 12 noon at The Hive office (544 King St. West).

As usual, we will arrange for a light lunch with a nominal charge. Please be kind enough to RSVP your attendance to me in the immediate future with an email reply so we can plan refreshments accordingly.

I am delighted to announce that we will have Philip Maher, a photojournalist and communications/media specialist who has worked alongside such organizations as World Vision and the World Food Program.

The theme of Phil’s talk is: “Close encounters with the 3rd world.”

Philip Maher will share with us some of his images and stories from working more than 25 years in the international aid world working as a photographer and communications specialist in Africa Asia and Latin America.

Phil has worked in conflicts in Afghanistan, East Timor, Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda. He has documented humanitarian suffering in refugee camps, and people suffering because of tsunamis, earthquakes, cyclones and civil strife. He has taken part in delegations to North Korea and a variety of U.N. related conferences such as the signing of the treaty on anti-personnel mines. In his role as a media relations specialist, Phil has appeared on a variety of media including CNN, CBC, CTV, BBC, ITN, and other outlets. He is currently a member of a DART (Disaster Assistance Response Team)

Can’t wait to hear Phil’s unique, incredible travel perspectives.

We will also have Charles Merkel, TCC Chapter Co-Ordinator from Missouri, joining us as a guest at our meeting.

See you at The Hive on Sept. 14 – Don’t forget to RSVP.

Warm regards,

Rick Shaver, Eastern Canada Chapter Coordinator