Our Next International Meeting: And the Winner Is … Valleta, Malta

Among the questions we asked participants at the end of the 2018 Barcelona international meeting was “would you like to attend another one and if so, when and where?”

With almost 200 active members voting in our first ever poll to see where we want to meet up in 2021, coming in with 48% of the first place votes and 34.5% of the weighted vote, Valletta, Malta was the membership’s clear choice. Planning is already under way as we are sending out proposal requests for hotels, restaurants and meeting spaces to see what dates will best work in the months of April or May 2021. This will be announced in the TCC Forum and the December Centurian to help you plan to attend.

Brisbane had an impressive result and came in with 24.5% first place votes (24% weighted), As such, Brisbane will remain as a runner up (in case an Iceland volcano gets in our way of getting to Malta) and
at the very least, will be carried over to the 2023 vote as an automatic finalist. Brisbane will be joined by three other cities which will be narrowed down based on membership response at the 2021 meeting. If you want to have a say in the finalists? You just have to come to TCC 2021!

Coming in third, Bangkok had 16% first place votes (21.5% weighted) and Dubai trailed with only 11% first place votes (20% weighted). The weighted system was 6 points for first, 4 for second, 2 for third, and 0 for fourth.

Thank you to everyone who voted. This isn’t a federal election, but many will be curious to know how the Board voted: Brisbane (5), Bangkok (2), Valletta (2) and one did not vote in time. The membership has spoken and we will see each other in Valletta 2021!