Reaching a New Level

We continue to receive inquiries from members asking how to update their status level. When reaching a new level of countries visited (150, 200, 250 or 300), members should send to TCC Headquarters in Santa Monica the list of TCC countries, with the ones visited checked. The list can be printed from the TCC website or copied from the Roster and adding South Sudan. Members must complete an up-to-date country list to be approved for the next level and to be recognized in the Centurian.

Members should keep the original of the checked list for their own records and send the copy to TCC Headquarters. If members want a new pin designating the new level, they can also send a check for $8.00. The new level will be acknowledged in the “Well Traveled” column on the last page of the Centurian. Members do not need to advise Headquarters when they add a country; just advise when they reach the next level.