June 2019 Photo Contest Winner: Deborah Janis, Holyoke, Massachusetts

Congratulations Deborah! You’ve won a year of free dues! The theme for March and June was animals we have encountered. Thanks to everybody who sent in their wonderful photos. The theme for our March 2019 contest is “Animals you’ve met traveling.” Click for contest details »

Grizzly Encounter / Photo: Deborah Janis

While on my quest to visit all 50 state capitals, I spent a weekend in Montana back in November. I read about a grizzly bear rescue organization in Bozeman, so after visiting Helena, I added Grizzly Encounter to my itinerary. Grizzly Encounter allows up-close viewing of bears in a natural environment along with educational programs. All the bears are rescues that would not be able to survive if released in the wild. Bella, the subject of my photo, was orphaned in Alaska.


Laurel Glassman, Chevy Chase, Maryland

Leopard sighting / Photo: Laurel Glassman

In Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda, our guide’s two-way radio started buzzing with the news of a leopard sighting. In the shimmering heat, we drove as fast as we could along a rutted path through tall brown grasses, until we came to a small, leafy tree. Sure enough, about 20 feet from the ground, a lazy leopard had found some shade from the brutal sun. When he suddenly turned his head and stared right at me, I knew it was time to snap this photo.

Sherri Donovan, Brooklyn, New York

Lemur in Madagascar / Photo: Sherri Donovan

I met this lively grey bamboo lemur while trekking in the Eastern part of Madagascar at Zahamena National Park. I felt a kinship because we both enjoy our food and eating with our little hands! A UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the Atsinanana rainforest, Zahamena National park has 13 species of lemurs, 48 total species of mammals, 112 species of birds, 62 types of amphibians and 46 of reptiles. An endemic paradise!

How does the board pick the winners of the Photo Contest?
After the published deadline, each board member writes down his/her five favorites in order and placement points are compiled. Greatest number of points wins. Taken into consideration is the resolution
of the photo for reproduction quality, if there are at least a few sentences written about the photo, and if the photo relates to the theme. These are all important!