Germany TCC Chapter Renamed as Central Europe Chapter Announces Two Meetings in 2019

Dear Fellow Travellers,

After you have probably eaten enough over the past days ;-)))) it is my pleasure now to announce not one but two 2019 meetings of the Central European Chapter of TCC:

The first event is being held in the beautiful city of Brussels, Belgium, on Saturday, March 30, 2019. Special thanks here to our Brussels-based members Patrick Dewilde and Matteo Stefani for their most valuable help in organizing the event! They worked out a tentative programme which, of course, depends on your lively input…

  • Culinary start at 12 noon for sandwiches/light lunch
  • 1 – 1:30pm Welcome address and introduction of participants (presenting themselves)
  • 1:30 – 4pm Presentations from volunteering participants on their most remote place visited in the past and – to visit in the future. (Maybe this will lead to share a trip…)
  • 4 – 5pm General discussion on future spring meetings in the area of “Central Europe”: In contrast to the autumn meetings held in Germany (which follow the usual structure based on individual presentations) we have the chance to try out different and various schedules.

Subsequently, Patrick and Matteo are willing to arrange for a walking tour through Brussels central city including an evening dinner for those of you interested.

Interestingly enough, the meeting is to take place in the very city centre (near the Grand Square), but Patrick and Matteo have not decided on a certain venue as yet. This will depend on the number of participants who would like to register for the event.

Please register with me at your earliest convenience but until February 15th, 2019, at the latest! There should be plenty of venues available…

In case you need hotel accommodation, please find something that suits you (e.g. on by yourself. There should also be plenty of vacancies in and around Central Brussels at the time! And please also state with your registration, whether or not you are willing to speak in our “remote-place” discussion. Or do you have a better subject on your mind?

The second event will be our regular autumn meeting in Germany. Next year, it is being held in the Parkhotel Messe/Airport in Stuttgart (Filderbahnstr. 2, 70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen) on Saturday, Sept. 14. Like in Brussels, it is an open meeting for all TCC members interested. Therefore, I included in the mailing list all members of Europe who are not organised in separate chapters, i.e. not living on the Spanish Peninsula or the Britsh Isles. Please spread the word to as many putative participants as possible!

In the Parkhotel Stuttgart, there was a room arrangement done for the two nights before and after the meeting, i.e. 109 Euro per room per night for single and 130 Euro per room per night for double occupancy (incl. breakfast). Unlike in Leipzig in 2018, please book this directly with the hotel while making sure you mention “TCC“ and my name.

Since it is very early now for Stuttgart, I have not drawn up a preliminary program as yet. However, we already have a first presenter from the U.S.: J.D. Lewis from California wants to talk about “The first family in history to have traveled to all seven continents in one year, specifically to do humanitarian work.”

Please turn in your presentation suggestions at your earliest convenience, because otherwise I cannot build up a proper programme ;-))))

And a warning:

When receiving the first programme draft (not now!), you will be asked to register with me for the meeting by transferring the meeting fee (75.- Euro per attendee; Stuttgart is expensive) in advance (because there were quite a few no-shows in Leipzig I had to deal with). Hopefully, this is OK with everybody.
For now, please turn in suggestions for your PowerPoint presentations since I am sure you have to tell something to the other members – and, most importantly, mark your calendars!

Between Jan. 12 and Feb. 5 I may not answer e-mails regularly while touring all Central American countries.

Have a good start in 2019 says

Armin Schreiner, TCC Central Europe Chapter Coordinator