A Message From the President

It hardly seems like another travel year is closing, but it is that time again for us to wish you a Happy Holiday Season. A special thanks to all our Coordinators for their hard work and for the many meetings held this last year. Many thanks to TCC Vice President Tim Skeet and Mediterranean Chapter Coordinator Martin Garrido for putting together a very successful international meeting in Barcelona in October, where 60 members and guests attended, including six members of the TCC Board of Directors, four Chapter Coordinators, and members from 14 countries. Based on the positive feedback, we have already begun discussing the next event tentatively planned for 2020. And most of all, thanks to all our members who collectively bring a wealth of diversity in travel styles and experience to the club that help us all to see what is possible in travel and inspire us on to the next adventure.

As we close out the year, I would like to share some things you might not know about your travel club. We are making small changes over time and we hope you will find them helpful for managing and enjoying your membership. Did you know…

Club operations utilize a virtual office structure. This means that our Sepulveda address in Los Angeles provides us with a business address and mail forwarding services, but does not have a staff or other office functions. This enables us to retain one address even as we move the actual work around to various physical locations depending on volunteer availability. Please don’t show up at the Sepulveda address expecting to see a club headquarters! That said though, most of the board members attend every Charter Chapter lunch, and we would love to have you join us at any of these events. All Chapter events are listed on the club calendar, which can be found by going to the TCC home page, www.old.travelerscenturyclub.org. Click on “Events” in the upper righthand corner of the page.

We will never answer our phone. This is because the club number is a phone messaging service and does not allow for direct answering of calls. Do leave a message and we will call you back. However, the best and fastest way to reach us is through email at info@old.travelerscenturyclub.org. We check the club email multiple times a day regardless of where we are in the world. We return every call and respond to every email question, so if you don’t hear back from us try again — we probably just didn’t get the message.

It is now easier to report address, email, and phone number changes. If your contact information has changed, let us know. Go to the TCC Home page and click on the dropdown menu “Member Updates,” then click on “Update Your Contact Info.” Once you fill in the changes to be made and click on “send” we will update your record with the new information. Alternatively, the information can be sent in via email.

You can pay your 2019 Dues Online. We have added a new feature to the Member Updates section of the TCC Web site that allows members to pay their annual dues online using a credit card or debit card. The payment form is at www.old.travelerscenturyclub.org/dues. Please note that while we are using PayPal as our credit card processor, a PayPal account is not required to pay your TCC dues online (unless you are in a country where local restrict access to guest checkout via PayPal). If you prefer to make your payment without a PayPal login, select “Pay With Debit or Credit Card” on the first page of the checkout process, then fill out the form as instructed.

The “Spouse” discount for annual dues applies to more than spouses. Spouse, significant other, friend, child — anyone who independently qualifies for club membership and shares an address with another member qualifies for the spouse rate. The discount reflects the savings of only mailing one copy of the Centurian to the address.

We like to celebrate your travel milestones! If you have reached a travel milestone of 150, 200, 250, or 300, let us know by filling out the Status Change form available online. Go to the TCC Home page and click on the dropdown menu “Member Updates,” then click on “Update Your Status.” From here you can download the form, fill it out, and email it or mail it back to us. We will send you a certificate, card, and pin to honor your achievement level and include you in the “Well Traveled” section of the next Centurian. There is no charge for the pin sent out in the recognition packet, a change made two years ago. Payment is only needed if you would like to purchase additional pins.

We would like you to join the TCC Forum. The members-only TCC Forum gives access to the club membership directory, past issues of the Centurian, all the Info Files mailed out over the last several years, information on club finances, and provides a way to connect with other members. Information on how to register can be found here »

Also, in spite of always trying to take care, we make mistakes. Let us know if your name or any of your club information is incorrect so the correction can be made.

Write to us with your ideas; we’d love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday sea- son and safe travels for 2019!