September 2018 Photo Contest Winner: Richard Wheeler of New York, N.Y.

Congratulations Richard! You’ve won a year of free dues! Lots of photos of Bolivia and Chile for this quarter’s South America theme. Don’t give up if you weren’t the lucky one. Please keep submitting! Our December photo contest will have a holiday theme. Click for contest details »

“Lake of Red” Bolivia Photo / Richard Wheeler

From Uyuni, Bolivia, we drove for four days through the Andes to the Atacama Desert. Somewhere high in the mountains we found this beautiful lake of red. Its only inhabitants so high up were flamingos and scattered cacti. The night before I had got altitude sickness at 15,000 feet up, so we had to rush down the mountains. What a beautiful find in the early morning on our way down to rest. A true oasis.


Randall Rehak, San Diego, California

Photo: Randall Rehak

Bolivia Woman: Rush hour in Bolivia: Local woman commutes on the hills surrounding Lake Titicaca.

Lou Padgug, Sacramento, California

Photo: Lou Padgug

Virgin Mary, Chile: On the summit of San Cristóbal Hill overlooking Santiago, Chile is a sanctuary dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. The sanctuary includes an amphitheater, chapel and this statue of the Virgin Mary which is 22 meters tall. The sun provided the halo effect.