A Festive TCC Holiday Party in the Washington, D.C. Area

First row heading up the stairs (left to right): Karin Blair, Steve Sliver, Lars Rasmusson, D.L. Petry, Boo Law, Kertsin Schweizer, Marion Palmer, Jeff Houle, Dr. Edward Bloomstein, Michael Lamm, Susan and Norm Dailey, Betty Ganley and Ray Olson. Second row (left to right): Grace Houle, Hunter Houle, Margaret Sullivan, Brenda Yager, Ryan Sullivan, Bill Ashley, Alex Mumzhiu, Joe Komisar and Frank and Joyce Aigner. (Not pictured is Roz Silver, sister of TCC member Steve Sliver, who captured this photograph.)

A festive and cheerful time was has by all at the Greater Washington, D.C. Chapter’s holiday party on Dec. 17 at the beautiful and impeccably deocrated home of member Kerstin Schweizer. Kerstin lavished members and invited guests (at her own expense) with Swedish-inspired cuisine and tasty holiday treats accompanied by a flight of assorted beverages. New friends and potential members joined the meeting, where a member commented (and all seem to agree upon reflection of 2011 and years past) that “travel, indeed, is the spice of life!” — aand perhaps among the greatest gifts we can give to others as well as to ourselves.

Happy Holidays!

Jeffrey Houle, Area Coordinator