December Photo Contest Winner: David Brezic of San Diego, California

Congratulations to David! Thank you to everybody who submitted photos. It’s hard to pick just one amongst so many outstanding ones. Don’t give up if you weren’t the lucky one—keep on submitting. Our next photo ccontest will have a transportation theme. Click for contest details »

“Bear in the Air,” Baffin Island, Canada / Photo: David Brezic

Of many “once-in-a-lifetime” photos over the years, this “Bear in the Air” is the one that made me truly gasp when I lowered my camera and saw what I had captured. Taken off the northeast coast of Baffin Island in Arctic Canada from the bridge of Lindblad’s National Geographic Explorer this July, only two of us out of a 100+ people on deck seem to have caught him perfectly in flight. That I took it with a Sony Cybershot pocket camera proves that one need not have thousands of dollars of equipment to capture such a “money shot”— patience, composition, timing and luck often play a bigger role. After earlier trips to Antarctica and Svalbard, I had thought that adding Greenland to my TCC destinations as #225 would be the highlight of this expedition. Was I wrong!


Dorothy Thompson, Richland Center, Wisconsin
Unintentionally, I happened upon an initiation ceremony in a village near Bagan. People taking part in ceremony, horses and oxen as well, were all dressed elaborately, like this girl.

“Ritual” / Photo: Dorothy Thompson

Michael Comberiate, Highland, Maryland
The recent Total Solar Eclipse across the USA was a rare event that my friends and I watched from Laurens, SC on August 21, 2017. The “diamond ring” is the most perfect ring I’ve seen so far.

“Diamond Ring: Solar Eclipse 2017” / Photo: Michael Comberiate