Report From the September 2017 West Florida Luncheon in Sarasota

The West Florida TCC Chapter held a luncheon meeting on Thursday, Sept. 28, at the University Park Country Club in Sarasota. We welcomed attendees from Orlando, Tampa and Fort Myers as well as Sarasota. Included with the 16 members attending the gathering were four new members.

Anne Taylor, one of the new attendees, had a lively discussion with several of the members. She plans on traveling to Asia in the near future and was looking for some suggestions to fill a gap in her travel plans. Our group has some well-traveled members who provided her with suggestions.

Another new member, Sue Anne Toms, attended with her husband. They will be visiting Holland, Japan, Russia and Uzbekistan in the coming year. She was looking for information about Uzbekistan. Amanda Davis and Tom Kennedy have spent considerable time and provided some insights about that part of Asia.

For several members, this happens to be quiet travel time even though two members (Gary Conway and John Robinson) who attend virtually all the meetings in the past happened to be on trips.

We had an enjoyable luncheon and are looking forward to our next get-together.