Notes From the July 2017 Texas/Oklahoma Chapter Luncheon

The Texas/Oklahoma chapter met at the “travel museum” home of Carolyn Barkley (first row, left).

The Texas/Oklahoma chapter luncheon meeting was held on July 15. This amazing meeting started immediately for each member upon entering the front door of Carolyn Barkley’s “travel museum” home in Austin, Texas. Carolyn brings quality memorabilia and souvenirs home from all of her travels. She has very tastefully displayed literally hundreds if not thousands of items, each representing people she has met, places she has visited, and experiences she has had while traveling. Carolyn can tell a meaningful story about each item.

Philippe Theys was recognized for achieving TCC Gold (200) status, and Sylvia Hanna-Russell for achieving TCC Silver (150) status. We were honored to have Tom and Kim Davison from the Miami Chapter attend our meeting. In total, 28 members and guests attended and chowed down on some good ol’ Texas BBQ with all the fixin’s.

Our featured speaker was fellow TX/OK chapter member Scott Imbus who presented a captivating story of his travel through the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan, which was beautifully illustrated with photos. We also held a 2-minute per person around the room travel story-tell, of whatever nature the person wished.