New Chapter Coordinator for the Mediterranean Area

Martín Garrido Melero

As mentioned in the last Centurian, we have an exciting new international chapter based in Spain. Called the Mediterranean Chapter, so to include members from throughout the region, it’s based just south of Barcelona in a little resort town with a charming medieval center called Altafulla. Here is where Martí Garrido Melero, our coordinator, hosts cultural events at his “El forn del Senyor,” a medieval oven surrounded by a small museum of medieval manuscript facsimiles.

Martín, by his own description:

“I was born in Palma de Mallorca but have lived in different parts of Spain. I am a notary, lawyer, professor at the Faculty of Law, author of numerous books and am a regular writer in the press media. Among my hobbies, apart from traveling, is to collect facsimiles of old books, essays, and travel books, and I have one of the few museums in the world on the subject.”