Well Traveled: June 2017

Our congratulations to those Club members who have reached higher levels of countries visited. Well traveled!

List Complete! (for 325 countries)

Robert A. Bonifas
Aurora, Illinois

Donald M. Parrish, Jr.
Downers Grove, Illinois

Platinum Members (250 or more countries)

James K. Downs
Lafayette, Colorado

Peter Machin
Sydney, NSW, Australia

James D. Navratil
Arvada, Colorado

Dr. Yvo Peeters
Koksÿde, Belgium

Gold Members (200 or more countries)

Hubert Dahl
Stuttgart, Germany

Dorothy Thompson
Richland Center, Wisconsin

Silver Members (150 or more countries)

Jaime Alemán
Panama City, Panama

Dan Benedict
Dayton, Tennessee

Linda Rose Victoire Byers
Sonoma, California

Neil Mackay
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Claudio Stabon
Genova, Italy