Fall 2016 Arkansas Chapter Lunch on Nov. 5

The fall 2016 meeting of the Arkansas TCC Chapter will be held on Nov. 5. The meeting will be held at Samantha’s Tap Room & Wood Grill at noon. The topic will be “Regrets – I Have a Few” – borrowing from Sinatra – as Dolena points out. She is sure everyone has more than one destination they have regrets about missing. Dolena will in fact run the function in my absence, as in the good ole days. Please try to attend to commemorate what would have been Dolena and Walter’s 50th wedding anniversary. I will be on a Himalayan helicopter/trekking expedition with my son – side trip to India – again. So as to not have any “regrets.” Our last meeting’s discussion was “Random Acts of Kindness Extended Abroad” and was inspirational. Always keen for new topics.

Steven Clift, Arkansas Chapter Coordinator