First Western Canada Meeting of 2016 Planned for May 15 in Calgary

Hi Chapter Travelers,

I’m certain the travel season is already in full force for many of you. We look forward to connecting with you at our first meeting of the year.

Our original intent was to plan a meeting for Victoria, B.C., in May, but I have been fighting pneumonia, and my physician has advised against all air travel right now. Therefore, we will host this gathering in Calgary. We will plan for a B.C. location on Aug. 28. Look at your calendars and express and availability for this date for either Vancouver or Victoria. If Victoria does not grab much interest, we will then plan ahead for a weekend event next May. We could include the Empress Hotel and Butchart Gardens and market this as a worldwide event.

The spring 2016 meeting will be on Sunday, May 15, from 1 to 4 p.m. at my home in Calgary. The cost per member/guest will be $15 (to cover food and beverages). Agenda to be determined. RSVP by Tuesday, May 10. I look forward to hearing from you!

A British Columbia meeting in either Vancouver or Victoria is planned for Aug. 28.

Kindest regards,

Timothy Skeet, Western Canada Area Coordinator