Fascinating Presentation About Iran at the September 2015 Northern California Meeting

Use the “Prev” and “Next” links to click forward or backward through the images in this gallery.[portfolio_slideshow]A total of 63 members and guests attended the September 2015 Northern California luncheon at the United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco. Farhad Rashani gave a detailed and comprehensive presentation about Iran, including the nation’s history and tourist sites, an explanation of the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam, Iran’s place in the Middle East and its relationship to U.S. politics.

The next Northern California meeting will be on Saturday, Dec. 5, at Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto in Berkeley. Lillie Echevarria will give a presentation about “The Five Stans.” RSVP to Area Coordinator Tim Carlson at timjeana@sbcglobal.net.