Group Photo of the June 2015 Southeast Florida Gathering in Miami

"A Cruise around Cuba", which departed from Jamaica, was the theme of Summer S.E. Fla Social , held at CasaPanza, in heart of LittleHavana, Miami. A Slide show of the trip Was presented by Members, Bob Petrik & Susan Pierres. From L-R , top row, John Novar, Clara Jiminez,Jan Novar(Coordinator), Carol Kingsley, Al Smith,Suzanne Scheinlin, Bob Petrik,Leon Hochman,Laurie Kaufman,Mara Brown,Susan Pierres, Luisa Yul
“A Cruise around Cuba,” which departed from Jamaica, was the theme of the Southeastern Florida Chapter’s summer gathering in June 2015, held at Casa Panza in heart of Miami’s Little Havana. A slide show of the trip was presented by members Bob Petrik and Susan Pierres. Top row (left to right): John Novar, Clara Jiminez, Chapter Coordinator Jan Novar, Carol Kingsley, Al Smith, Suzanne Scheinlin, Bob Petrik and Leon Hochman; front row (left to right): Laurie Kaufman, Mara Brown, Susan Pierres and Luisa Yul.