Report From the April 2015 Texas/Oklahoma Meeting in Houston

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Dr. P. Kay Champion
Dr. P. Kay Champion

Area Coordinator Kim-Kay Randt reports that the April 11 meeting at Houston’s Shanghai River Restaurant drew 32 members and guests from San Antonio, Seabrook, the metros of Houston and Dallas/Ft. Worth, Oklahoma and Virginia. Featured speaker Dr. P. Kay Champion talked about his “Life and Travels as an Army Physician.”

“Just as all of us have been fortunate in our travels, he was fortunate in Vietnam to learn a great deal from what he experienced, but also lucky to survive living near the ammunition storage and being in a war zone,” Kim-Kayexplains. “It was clear that the Army impacted his life and those with whom he served.”

Four provisional TCC members became full members by visiting 100 countries — Debbie Allen, Plano; B. J. Bjorklund, Frisco; Paul Clites, Houston; Caroline Allison, Houston. The chapter also welcomed five new members — Trina Ramsey, Dallas; Peter and Kathleen Harlan, Dallas; Marie Jahnsen, Houston; Donna Bloedom, El Paso.

Members also related a favorite story from their visits to China and talked about future travel plans. The next chapter meeting will be in Dallas on October 10, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.