TCC Get-Togethers on Cruises

TCC members like to travel together and often take cruises as a group, as we have reported with photos and items in past issues — and as shown in our report about a recent attempted voyage to Bouvet. Cruises are a good way to add TCC countries and territories.

Members not traveling with a TCC group often ask the cruise line to help facilitate a gathering of TCC members who may be on the same cruise.

Such was a recent example told to us by Janet Johnson from Redondo Beach, CA. On a recent cruise she spoke with the cruise director about having a session “for people aspiring to travel to 100 or more countries” and he included an announcement in the ship’s newsletter. She asked the ship to reproduce copies of the TCC list of countries & territories. “We were overwhelmed with interest and needed to double our copies,” she says, and she continued to get requests during the remainder of the cruise. One couple, just one country short of the 100 mark, now want to join TCC.

“I got to meet many interesting people,” Janet adds. “This seems to be a good way to spread the word about TCC and perhaps other members might want to explore this easy and fun opportunity on future cruises.”