How to Become a TCC Area Coordinator

A TCC Area Coordinator should be a dues-paying member for several years but even a Provincial Member qualifies. It’s a volunteer position, primarily communicating with the other members in your local area about the venue and program for the social gathering.

Formats of meetings can be as simple as a discussion of past and future travels by the members, a talk or presentation by a guest or member, an exchange of travel ideas and experiences, or just an informal gathering of those who like to travel. Spouses and guests are welcome. Some of the best program ideas come from reading the reports from other Area Coordinators in the Centurian.

The social gatherings can be lunches, dinners, cocktail or coffee receptions, excursions, etc., and members pay individually. The Coordinator is reimbursed for any mailing expenses (but most communications are by e-mail) and for the meal for the guest speaker. Meetings can be held in a member’s home, a restaurant, an organization’s meeting room, etc.

The number of meetings during the year can vary but most chapters meet quarterly in order to keep the momentum going. Coordinators are asked to have someone take photos and provide the photos and a report about their meeting to TCC Headquarters for inclusion in the quarterly editions of the Centurian.

It’s a rewarding experience and will give you an opportunity to get to know interesting travel people — like you.