Well Traveled: June 2015

Our congratulations to those Club members who have reached higher levels of countries visited. Well traveled!

Diamond Members (300 or more countries)

Ms. Carolyn Broadwell
Napa, CA

Mr. Stephen Newcomer
West Hollywood, CA

Platinum Members (250 or more countries)

Ms. Edna J. Reinhold
Wildwood, MO

Mr. Frank Robinson, Sr.
Bordighera, Italy

Mr. Helmut Lent
Berlin, Germany

Gold Members (200 or more countries)

Christian Illerhaus
Ventura, CA

Mr. Richard J. McMullen
Dr. Sunny Vazquez McMullen

Woodland Hills, CA

Mr. David B. Rinker
Atlantis, FL

Silver Members (150 or more countries)

Mr. Thomas Baumer
Fribourg, Switzerland

Mr. Robert L. Lee
Charlotte, NC

Mr. Richard Taylor
La Jolla, CA