Well Traveled: Fall 2011

Our congratulations to those Club members who have reached higher levels of countries visited. Well traveled.

Diamond Members (300 or more countries)

Mr. Donald M. Parrish, Jr.
Downers Grove, IL

Gold Members (200 or more countries)

Dr. Bill S.Ashley
Washington, DC

Mr. Michael Kasum
Gulfport, FL

Ms. Karen Safer
Playa del Rey, CA

Silver Member (150 or more countries)

Mrs. Robin M. Butler
San Antonio, TX

Mrs. Barbara O. Champion
Houston, TX

Mr. Kirk H. Finley
Mrs. Marcia B. Finley
Villa Park, CA

Mr. Jordan Hargrave
Austin, TX

Ms. Donna Marsh
Windsor Berkshire, United Kingdom

Ms. Jan. A. Nelson
Surprise, AZ

Peggy North
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Mr. Harold Norton
Tucson, AZ

Mr. Peter Wright Wood
Edenton, NC