A Hearty Welcome to New TCC Members

The Travelers’ Century Club is pleased to welcome the following new members to the club:

Arndt, Ms. Anette
Arrington, Mr. Michael B.
Battersby, Ms. Susan
Becht, Ms. Laurie
Benrud, Mr. Erik Charles
Christoforidis, MD, John
Brady, Ms. Margo
Collier, Mr. Mitch
Collier, Mrs. Kathy
Hannibalston, Ingjaldur
Learson, Ms. Lynn Mandy
Lisowski, Mr. Andrew H.
Lovestead, Mr. Leslie R.
Mitchell, Mr. Richard J.
More, Mr. Nicolas
Randt, Ms. Kim-Kay
Salt, Ms. Elizabeth A.
Samuleson, Mr. Per
Yee, Mr. Richard A.
Zhang, Mr. Arthur (Wei)