New York Chapter Meeting in October to Focus on an Expedition Along the West Coast of Africa

Dear Members and Friends,

I am pleased to invite you to attend the next meeting of the New York area’s Travelers’ Century Club on Saturday, Oct. 18, at noon.

Member Beth Belkonen will share her photos and experiences from her 32-day trip on board an expedition ship in April/May of this year along the west coast of Africa from Cape Town to Marrakech. Eighteen stops were made in 14 countries, from those that had little tourism development to those that are tourist Meccas: Angola, Congo, Sierra Leone, the Gambia, West Sahara, Sao Tome and Principe, Togo, Benin, Ghana, Namibia, Senegal, Canary Island, South Africa and Morocco. Highlights were visiting slave prisons, UNESCO World Heritage sites, fetish markets, fishing villages and colonial ghost towns.

Joe Rapaport arranged for us to return to Arabesque at 4 East 36th Street between Sixth and Madison avenues (click to view the restaurant Web site). The cost is $40 per person including tax and tip. Please bring the exact amount in cash to the restaurant.

Have a firm reservation to me by Oct. 12.

We are also planning a meeting on Dec. 13, at which guest Susan Chan will talk on the Galapagos Islands and her experiences there as a volunteer. The restaurant has not been chosen yet.

Lynn Simmons, Area Coordinator