Spring Meeting of United Kingdom TCC Members Held in London

London, May 2011
From left to right: Mr John Barnett and Mr Colin McCorquodale , who have travelled to all current sovereign United Nations countries.
London, May 2011
From left to right: Mrs Elaine Palmer, Mr Angus Palmer, Mrs Gaylene Kendall, Mr Mike Kendall, Mr Peter Biddlecombe, Mr Otto Ducek, Mr Barry Archer, Mr Eric Wagner, Mrs Wendy Wagner, Mr David Langan, Mr Colin McCorquodale, Ms Donna Marsh, Area Coordinator, Mr John Barnett, Mrs June Barnett.

The TCC UK held its spring meeting at the RAC, Pall Mall, London on Sunday, 22nd May. In addition to our UK and Eire based members in attendance, Mr. Otto Ducek travelled from the Czech Republic.

Our meeting recognised the outstanding achievements of Mr. John Barnett and Mr. Colin McCorquodale, both of whom have completed travel to all of the current United Nations member countries. Considerable conversation surrounded the imminent addition of the world’s newest sovereign country, Southern Sudan.

Members were also invited to discuss a book that inspired their love of travel. Several members brought books with them, including The Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky, The Teatime Islands by Ben Fogle, The Worst Journey in the World by Apsley Cherry-Gerrard and The Global Soul by Pico Iyer. Reference books such as the ABC World Airways Guide and travel guides such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Bradt were also mentioned. Most members were also inspired early in life by atlases and maps, which are still cherished today in addition to – or sometimes in spite of – access to similar information on the Internet. Our meeting was lively and inspiring.

Some TCC UK and Eire members were approached by Mr. Jesse Gordon, who is based in the UK and who is looking for people who are interested in travelling to the British Indian Ocean Territory in July 2012 to join him. Mr. Gordon is not a member of the TCC and I do not know him, so I cannot recommend nor advise against this opportunity. I am prepared to provide Mr. Gordon’s contact details to any TCC member who wishes to learn more from him directly as a courtesy only.

We are looking forward to our next meeting in Granada, which the TCC UK will be hosting for all TCC members worldwide and their guests. UK and Eire based members interested in attending should RSVP to donna_marsh@hotmail.com no later than Friday, 17th June 2011. Members based elsewhere should RSVP to Klaus Billep in the US. We hope to see large numbers in attendance.

—Donna Marsh, Area Coordinator