Report From the April 2014 TCC Meeting Outside Austin

Use the “Prev” and “Next” links to click forward or backward through the images in this gallery.[portfolio_slideshow]The TCC Texas/Oklahoma Chapter held our second quarterly meeting yesterday at the Hyatt Lost Pines, surrounded by bluebonnets and athletes, and “found” by input from John and Paul. Our meeting of 27 members/guests included several new faces and many of our regulars from Canyon Lake, Columbus, Laredo, San Antonio, and the metros of Austin, Dallas, and Houston. We all left the meeting more informed after our featured speaker, Jordan Hargrave, shared his travel secrets.

Here are some highlights from the meeting:

  • Jordan Hargrave (Gold) was initially going to share his “Travel Secrets of Hitting 36 Countries in Three Years.” However, after further reflection, he actually had been to 44 countries in three years that were “new” and even more when you include repeats! Interested in a rare country and not sure if you need a visa or a letter of invitation? Jordan was likely just there and has what you need. Do you want to visit more countries but need to be careful with your expenses? Jordan shared the cost benefits of open-jaw tickets. We all appreciated the detailed information that he prepared and we are excited that he is sharing his love of world travel with his new daughter and wife. Well done! Click to view slides from his presentation »
  • It was special to celebrate Jordan Hargrave attaining Gold Status of 200 countries! He hit this new country count when he was in Africa. Also, as the meeting was wrapping up, Ed and Dolly Golden told me that they just recently hit Gold Status of 200 and will be sending in their paperwork to the TCC home office to get recognized. Congrats to each of you!
  • We have three new members: George and Beverly Yeiter of Katy, and Nate Muncaster of Ennis. Welcome!
  • Several members attending the meeting will be joining the TCC for the 60th anniversary cruise in October, on a Princess ship from Los Angeles to Ensenada and back. Tom and I will host a cocktail hour on the ship for the TX/OK chapter. There is still time to book your place and visit with other TCC members from all over the United States and the globe. More information here »
  • Finally, our around-the-room sharing of recent travels included Cynthia‘s DMZ tunnels in Korea, Jeff‘s South American completion (almost), John‘s trip to Turkey, Magali‘s freeze on the dog sled in Norway, Jordan‘s guide that had been to Austin, BJ‘s upcoming cruise to Antarctica and six other new countries, Cathy‘s favorite place of Tokoriki soon to be visited by Jordan, Ted‘s “man overboard” cruise, Debbie‘s slow boat story in Laos, Jim‘s upcoming trip to the British Isles, Sue‘s embroider machine gift for travel patches made by Jim, Bill‘s hunting places, Paul‘s insights on abandoned Japanese cars in Ponape, Eleanor‘s unescorted time in Cuba, Al‘s findings on Eastern Europe border crossings in rental cars, Bob‘s early finding of the best beach ever (Baia do Sancho), Lisa‘s too-quick visit to Cypress’ Greek side, Ed‘s landing (finally) on Easter Island, Dolly‘s surprise of the now-booming Robinson Crusoe Island, Yvonne‘s hometown of travelers that she even runs into in Singapore, Jim‘s visit to China town of 300 million people, Beverly‘s once-in-a-lifetime rescue of a fisherman off the coast of South America, George‘s warm welcome in Port Said, and Nate‘s expat life helped him meet his Bolivian-born bride (they are expecting their first child).

Our next meeting will be held in Houston on July 12 from 11 a.m. to  2 p.m. I’ll send out logistics and RSVP requests one month in advance of the meeting. Safe travels.

Kim-Kay Randt, Area Coordinator