Kansas City Chapter Announces Schedule of 2014 Meetings

A festive Kansas City TCC gathering in December 2013
A festive gathering of Kansas City TCC members at Trezo Mare in December 2013

The Kansas City Chapter met at Trezo Mare restaurant on Dec. 6, 2013 for their last meeting of the year. An informative program and slide presentation was presented by Ms. Joyce Sheehan, a nurse, on her medical missions around the world.

The travel trivia questions of the day were:

1. What was the intended name for the Lonely Planet guidebook before Chinese printers butchered the name? The answer: Lovely Planet 2. What is the most popular shoplifted items in the USA, Europe and South America? The answers: USA – candy, Europe – cheese, South America – meat. 3. The tie-breaker question was answered by Ms. Ruth Carpenter.

The 2014 meetings are scheduled for March 28 (Friday), June 27 (Friday), September 26 (Friday), December 5 (Friday) at 11:30AM at Trezo Mare Restaurant.