Western Canada Coordinator Seeks Feedback for 2014 Meeting Plans

Happy New Year Western Canada Travelers!

I trust everyone is recovering nicely from the merriment of the season passed and looking forward to a new year of exciting travels!

2013 was a banner year for the Traveler’s Century Club in Canada as we saw the Eastern Canada Chapter gather amazing steam with fantastic speakers, great exposure, fun social events and enthusiastic new members. The Eastern Canada Chapter also became mentors to the TCC’s new chapter in Western Canada.

The Western Canada Chapter was able to host two successful socials and gather member feedback for future meetings. That being said, we are looking to build on our intent with this chapter to roam this year. Planning our next meeting at each current meeting did not prove to be a successful tactic for our group (mostly because someone had already planned their next travels, or other commitments interfered with those dates), so I thought we should look to plan all of our social gatherings for this year and consider this as a template for future meetings:

Please take a look at the following dates. With the exception of the first meeting of the year planned for Vancouver on the 23rd of February, I created two optional dates for each destination. For each city, please email back your choice for one of the following:

A. (first date shown)
B. (second date shown)
C. Either date is fine.
D. Neither date is good.
E. Regardless of the date, I will not travel to another city for a social meeting.

1) Vancouver
Sunday, Feb. 23 at 1 p.m. (This one is locked.)
Historically, Vancouver is just a lot nicer in February than the rest of Western Canada.
Currently in discussion with the Fairmont YVR Airport Hotel as the venue for this get-together. (If this falls through, do any YVR residents have other suggestions?)

2) Winnipeg
(A) Sunday, April 27
(B) Sunday, May 4
The temperatures are not as cold as the North Pole (winter), not as hot as Las Vegas (summer), and, well, mosquitoes, disguised as small pets have yet to emerge for the summer.
Looking for suggestions from YWG residents on suitable restaurants to host us. The group tries to average $20/person where possible.

3) Calgary
(A) Saturday, July 5
(B) Saturday, July 12
This is really the nicest time of the year in Calgary.
We will host a BBQ at our house. $10/person to cover food/beverage.

4) Vancouver
(A) Sunday, Sept. 14
(B) Sunday, Sept. 21
Vancouver in September is nicer than the rest of Western Canada as summer temps still hold strong. Looking for suggestions from YVR residents on suitable restaurants to host us. The group tries to average $20/person where possible.

5) Calgary
(A) Sunday, Dec. 7t
(B) Sunday, Dec. 14
Seasonal wind-up.
We will host this at our house, once again. $10/person to cover food/beverage. We will plan a fun White Elephant Gift Exchange in the $15 price range. More about this type of gift exchange can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_elephant_gift_exchange.

Once again, kindly choose an option based on the A, B, C, D or E options as pointed out in the paragraph preceding “1) Vancouver.” above. I understand that it may be difficult to nail a date in September or December so far in advance, but do your best with this and maybe use 2013 as a guideline. Please respond back to me at your first opportunity.

Best regards,

Timothy Skeet, Area Coordinator