Arizona Members View Presentation About Mount Kilimanjaro

Arizona, May 2011
Arizona members gathered in May 2011 at the lovely Steleraz home.

We had our final meeting of the year on May 12 at the lovely Steleraz home. The program was presented by their kids. They were part of a team that took blind children all the way up Mount Kiimanjaro. The program led off with a DVD of the NBC Evening News about the adventure. All of them made it to the top! The slides were interesting.

We will meet at the same lovely homes four times next year, starting in October at Sid Rosen‘s house. Then December, February and early April, all at 6:30 p.m., usually on a Thursday. Dates to be announced around Sept. 1.

Our membership is growing and we. Are thriving. We hope more Arizona members join us next year. You will enjoy it!

Matt Cohen, Area Coordinator