A Message From the Chairman

It hardly seems like another travel year is closing, but it’s that time again for us to wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

Special thanks to Diane Jarrett for her assistance with our September luncheon.

Our meeting dates for 2014 will be the second Saturday every three months – March 8 and Sept. 13 in Orange County, June 14 and Dec. 6 in Los Angeles.

Occasionally we are asked if Board Meetings are open for general member attendance. With prior notification, members may attend as observers.

This year I attended the International meeting in Munich on September 7 and the Dallas meeting on October 5 at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Special thanks to German Area Coordinator J. Herbert Goebels and to Texas Area Coordinator Kim-Kay Randt for their efforts in making these two events so very special.

Dues invoices for 2014 will be mailed in December.

The Board and I wish you a successful 2014 with lots of pleasant travel experiences.