Central Europe Convened in Aachen at the Steinfeld Monastery in September 2022

Participants gather at the Steinfeld Monastery. (Scroll down for more photos.)

Chapter leader and event coordinator Armin Schreiner welcomed members to the Steinfeld Monastery, a historic German cloister between the cities of Aachen and Cologne (in the Eifel mountains). A reception included sparkling wine in the monastery’s historic cloister, a truly “magical” venue.

Presentations were delivered on Saturday by Patrick Dewilde on South Africa, Joachim von zur Gathen on Bhutan, Michael Zoch on “Ukraine Before the War,” and Armin presented Greenland. All presentations were suspenseful and informative contributions!

Quiz wizard Reinhold Baer cooked up a very special quiz menu. Winning various books and refrigerator magnets from the non-TCC “Republic of Uzupis” in Vilnius, Lithuania, were Dirk Hannemann who edged out Michael Zoch and Joerg Werda by a hair.

Sunday’s excursion took members deep into the Eifel National Park to a large complex historically called “Ordensburg Vogelsang.” Today, it houses two educational exhibitions showcasing its original purpose as a training centre for the Nazi party elite, and the national park’s biodiversity.

Guests taste fine sparkling wines in the cloister.
Congratulations to the quiz winners!