May 20 Virtual Exploration: Focus on Venezuela

Saturday, May 20, 2023
@ 2:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) / 1800 UTC

Venezuela is a country of markedly distinct regions with unique natural wonders that has never been an easy destination for travelers, but one that is possible and memorable if done right. The presentation “Venezuela, Wonderland for Advanced Travelers” will cover the current socio-political state of the country and its viability as a traveler’s destination. We will also introduce participants to the various regions such as Caracas and the north central region, the Caribbean coastline and islands, the Andes, the plains (aka Los Llanos), the Guiana highlands and Amazon, and the Orinoco Delta, plus specific places of interest that dot other areas of the country. In the end, we’ll be open to questions that only a well-informed, on-the-ground local can answer.

Our presenter on Venezuela will be Nelson Agelvis. He is a Kansas City-raised Venezuelan living in Venezuela since the 1980’s. As a multiprofessional traveler, college professor, accommodation owner and tourism operator based in Caracas, he has helped hundreds of hardened travelers and some naive tourists to navigate the contrasting regions of the country and their tricky tourism webs. His willingness to help, going above and beyond, is what earned him the Trip Advisor 2013 host of the year award. His mission is to make Venezuela a fun and safe challenge. Agelvis has studied languages, tourism, law, economics, psychology, geography, history, architecture, photography, public speaking, and more to support his work.