March 2023 Charter Chapter Meeting Takes Members into Mysterious Ecuadorian Cave

Presenter Matthew Allison describes his daring descent into the Cave of the Tayos.

More than three dozen members and guests of the TCC Charter Chapter (Los Angeles/Orange County) gathered at the Mozambique Restaurant in Laguna Beach on March 11 for our quarterly lunch meeting.

We welcomed five members attending their first chapter gathering along with eight guests who enjoyed the camaraderie and opportunity to share travel tales.

Member and daring traveler Matthew Allison recounted his amazing adventures exploring Ecuador’s legendary Cave of the Tayos, which some believe to contain an ancient golden library of books engraved in an alien-like language, revealing the secrets to the origin of civilization.

While the mysterious books were never found, we all experienced the sights, sounds and secrets of this subterranean world which even lured astronaut Neil Armstrong in pursuit of its treasures.

Members and guests arrive early to visit before lunch at the Mozambique Restaurant.
Peter and Olivia Narins (left) enjoy conversation with Helen Argyriou and Robert Zirgulis.
Debbi Kightlinger (right) welcomes Maxine and Ed Czisny to their first Charter Chapter meeting.
Adrianne and Jon Coleman relax as they attend their first TCC meeting.
Gerald Wagner enjoys gathering again with fellow travelers.
TCC Treasurer Jeff Houle (left) along with first-time attendees James Marchese (center) and Jason Forgash (right) share barbershop stories!
Long-time member Bob Ihsen introduces his guest Lilia Navarro to TCC friends.
Member Mark Troyer welcomes his guest Heidi Lakani to our Laguna Beach event.
TCC President Steve Fuller greets members and guests with an update on our future gatherings.
Past Presidents (l to r) Pamela Barrus, JoAnn Schwartz, Michael Sholer and Christopher Hudson enjoy a post-event conversation.