April 2023 Updates From the Georgia TCC Chapter

It was great to see everyone at The Orient in April! We enjoyed a Chinese lunch while sharing favorite travel tips and tricks.

Special guests included TCC member Wilma Drummond from Oklahoma, and Chapter Co-Coordinator Paige Bequet‘s daughter, Brigitte, visiting from New York.

Travel Tips From the Georgia TCC Chapter

For those who couldn’t join us, here is a list of tips shared during lunch:

  • Save locations and create lists in Google Maps to help plan your daily itinerary
  • Carry a doorstop
  • Repurpose a shower cap for a shoe bag
  • Ask questions of multiple tour companies when planning a trip — go with the best response
  • Visit Sedona!
  • When you see something you like, get it!
  • House sitting or house exchange jobs are a great way to travel inexpensively.
  • Link together nearby countries, but always leave enough buffer in your itinerary to see things that are a “must” — just in case of the unexpected!
  • Always travel with imodium!
  • Fanny pack is the best thing to carry (this had multiple votes!)
  • Cruise ship walls are magnetic — use magnets to hang stuff like shoe bags, or even a shower curtain to create a room divider.
  • Carry a portable carbon monoxide detector.
  • If you’re nervous about street food, sign up for a proper street food tour.
  • Get chocolate at duty free for airline crew — it will be appreciated.
  • When you use your smart phone for directions, double check the address so you don’t wind up in the wrong city.
  • Google Translate is really helpful — especially camera translations of signs in Japan.
  • Always select local currency (not USD) when charging to credit card to avoid extra exchange fees.
  • Lychee is the best flavor of Korean Soju.
  • Carry $2 bills to Vietnam — merchants are more likely to sell for less if you pay with a $2 bill.
  • Work or teach at a foreign school to learn the language.
  • Take the time to be with locals — learn to say hello in the native language, learn mahjong if visiting China, etc.
  • Watch for quick, sneaky money switching to rip you off.
  • If traveling somewhere at high altitude, spend time somewhere with a little lower altitude first to prevent sickness.

Drake Anderson
Paige Becquet
TCC Georgia Chapter Coordinators