A Successful St. Louis Chapter Meeting in June

Standing: Dorothy Jackson-Durity, Mary Hoffman, Robert Kent, Charles Miller, Charles Merkel, Jim Bell- inger, Gig Gwin, Karen Stovaugh, Susi Alias. Seated: Laura Thompson, Lisa Mechele, Trish Williams, Wilma Drummond, Garrett Meyer, Roberta Reese

The St. Louis TCC Chapter met on June 11 at local restaurant CJ Muggs where coordinator and “Virtual Explorations” producer Charles Merkel described previous, future and the most recent episode, led by an author recounting his time on Pitcairn Island.

The second segment, “What’s your top 5?” featured top national and international travel treasures. As expected, a lively discussion revealed the top winners:

  1. African safari
  2. Italy,
  3. New Zealand,
  4. France
  5. U.S. National Parks.

Most attendees could agree that their favorite place was their most recent trip or their next one.