Well Traveled: September 2022

Our congratulations to those Club members who have reached higher levels of countries visited. Well done!

Diamond Members (300 or more countries)

Paul J. Couniotakis
New York, NY, USA

Juan L. Pons
Barcelona, Spain

Platinum Members (250 or more countries)

Wendy Lynn Arbeit
Memphis, TN, USA

Maurizio Giuliano
Saint Charles, MO, USA

Gold Members (200 or more countries)

Iris Antola
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Victor Antola
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mark James Williams
Miami, FL, USA

Silver Members (150 or more countries)

Nancy Bandley
Georgetown, TX, USA

Simon Cain
Chatham, England, UK

Josep-Lluís Córdoba
Barcelona, Spain

Barry Hoffner
Sausalito, CA, USA

Val Prinsep
Homps, France

Derek Smith
Toronto, ON, Canada