June 2022 Canada Chapter Meeting in Toronoto

Hello World Travelers,

Please take note that the date of our spring meeting has changed from April 16 to June 11 at noon EST.

Some of you have pointed out that the 16th of April is in the middle of the Easter weekend holiday for some.

I will be sending out a detailed invite/agenda for the June 11 meeting in the immediate future.

A couple other things to note:

  1. The TCC Global meeting is in Malta May 5th to the 8th. Some of the Canadians that will be in attendance will be Tim and Lana Skeet (organizers of the meeting extraordinaire!), Vicki Russell, Steve and Diane Owen-Jones, Carolyn Keyes, Gerlinde Sakar, Jane and Rick Shaver. We all will provide reports of the Global meeting at our next meeting.
  2. TCC photo contest winners: You may have noticed from the last Centurion publication that Canadians Vicki Russell and Mahmood Poonja were both winners! Congrats.
  3. TCC Canada members survey: Thanks to so many of you for your enthusiastic responses to our Canada survey. Results and action standards will be presented at our next meeting.
  4. Location of our June 11th meeting: TBD either a restaurant that themes up with our speaker’s presentation or at The Hive’s new office, 955 Dupont Ave. (depending on if our leaseholder improvements are complete and up to code by then)

Wishing you wonderful travels & I’ll be in touch again shortly.

Warm regards,

Rick Shaver
TCC Canada Chapter Coordinator