From Our Newest Members

Beside the cracked bell in front of Pembroke Castle; Cen asserts it was already cracked when he got there.

Cen Lewis, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK

After a trip to the US and Caribbean over the New Year and an earlier trip to Cape Verde, I returned home to the beautiful west coast of Wales where I can enjoy a few days of cold wreck diving.

I am lucky to live in an area where I can cycle around the castle at Pembroke a few times each week, as well as Barfundle Bay, which happens to be one of the most stunning beaches.

I’m still traveling and will soon return to Heathrow for a trip to Morocco, restrictions permitting.

Charles Seigel at the Potala Palace in Tibet
Charles Seigel, San Diego, California, USA

My jobs have enabled me to travel all over North America, satisfying a dream to visit the world capital cities. Visiting two or three cities a week, I amassed millions of airline miles to strategically use for flying in premium cabins.

With trips to Qatar, Montenegro, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Bangladesh and Andorra this past fall, I’ve lost track of the  number of COVID tests I’ve taken, but I look forward to Morocco, Senegal, Gambia and Nicaragua in March and April. Hopefully three of the five “Stans” will be ticked off my bucket list in June.

justyna with a cheetah family at a Sanatarium in Limpopo, South Africa

Justyna Twordzylo, Singapore, Singapore

Despite my travel sickness, I dared to dream to travel the world. Working with an international NGO strengthened my travel focus in a more meaningful way. Every year I would spend at least a month in Africa and top it up with frequent trips around Europe.

In the last two years I got stuck in Australia due to COVID-19 restrictions and found myself living in the middle of the desert working with aboriginal communities. The experience was life-changing and steered me to research how travel during the pandemic induced anxiety in travelers, basing myself in Singapore.