Southwest Florida (Sarasota) Chapter Update

The October 2021 gathering of the Sarasota-area TCC Chapter

The TCC Southwest Florida (Sarasota) TCC Chapter met on Oct. 25 for lunch and discussion. The theme was “A Place that Calls Me Back.” Several members shared photos and details of a destination they enjoy visiting time and again. Italy, Greece, Madrid, Singapore and South Africa were among the destinations mentioned. These are places that have been visited by most of us, but approached at this meeting with a different perspective. Discussion focused on what makes these places endlessly alluring, what lesser-known areas are worth seeing, what personal connections have been created with the place?

Member selections for this this theme differed greatly from the previous meeting where “Most remote Destination Visited” was discussed. That meeting included destinations such as The Highlands of Papau New Guinea, the North Pole, and a Peace Corps assignment in remote Paraguay.

Our next meeting: