Anush Dawidjan to Host New England Chapter Gathering in June

Dear Travelers’ Century Club of New England Members & Friends,

I hope that this note finds you well. With plenty of time to plot your travel plans over the past year, I hope that you’ll be able to embark on some exciting adventures soon.

I am happy to announce our first in-person gathering of Travelers’ Century Club members in New England since the year before last!

We are going to host a gathering (a Jubilee!) at Anush Dawidjan‘s home (inside or out) depending on attendance on Saturday, June 26, at noon.

Anush has been waiting for over a year to celebrate with us and we postponed the gathering from last year. Anush has much to celebrate, including the marvelous feats of travel to every UN country and 300 on the TCC list! Congratulations Anush! We will be awarding Anush her Diamond Award at the gathering. (Anush is also eager to share and exchange travel notes with all of you!)

Arvi Bahal will also be joining us. Arvi will share about his most recent trip to Libya (just a month or two ago) and motivate us all to be “bipolar” as well with tales about his trips to the North and South Poles!

Anush lives next door to the Dr. Seuss Museum. We hope to visit together after our lunch.

Please RSVP by June 15 to Details on Anush’s Springfield address and the museum will be sent to confirmed attendees.

As a New England Chapter serving Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and parts of Connecticut, we hope to see members and friends from across the region!

Just send me a quick email if you have questions!

All best wishes!

Dave SantulliNew England Chapter Coordinator