Well Traveled: March 2018

Our congratulations to those Club members who have reached higher levels of countries visited. Well done!

Platinum Members (250 or more countries)

Anush Dawidjan
North Bay Village, Florida

Michael Kendall
Ascot, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Gold Members (200 or more countries)

Katrin Sif Einarsdottir
Kopavogur, Iceland

Judith Henderson-Cleland
Little Rock, Arkansas

William Henderson-Cleland
Little Rock, Arkansas

Scott Swanberg
Glendale, California

Heather Watts
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Liang Yanping
Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Silver Members (150 or more countries)

Betty Bailliet
Magnolia, California

Robert Bailliet
Magnolia, California

Maria Barsotti
Danville, California

Patricia “Tris” Essenwein
Colonia, New Jersey

Phillip Fetterman
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Betty Matthews
Berkeley, California

Edward R. “Ned” Weigel
Chattanooga, Tennessee