At Last! Don Parrish and Robert Bonifas Complete the TCC List

Some very happy TCC members (left to right): Dr. Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan, Don Parrish, Bob Bonifas, and Joâo Paulo Peixoto.

It takes a lot of stamina and perseverance to get through all 325 countries, territories, islands groups, and whatever else on our list. We’re happy to announce that Don Parrish and Bob Bonifas finally made it. Our congratulations! With a group of friends, including TCC members Charlarampos Bizas, Dr. Jagannathan Srinivasaraghavan, and João Paulo Peixoto, a private Indian Ocean cruise led them to the Chagos Islands where they stopped on two atolls.

From Don Parrish:

“A group of friends and I obtained a permit and made a landing on the Chagos Archipelago (aka BIOT) on February 10, 2017. Bob Bonifas and I were especially happy because we completed the 325-country TCC list.

“We made two landings in the Peros Banhos Atoll. Our initial landing was on the Ile du Coin. This was a coconut plantation until it was closed down as part of the plan to relocate the inhabitants over 40 years ago so the British could lease Diego Garcia to the US for military purposes. By 1973 all the coconut plantations were shut down. When you are out of a job, it is easier to convince you to leave Chagos.

Ile du Coin was fun place to explore with remnants of homes, a church and some other man-made objects. The stairway to nowhere is a metaphor for the current state of the ruins on the island. It was fun to explore for about three hours tromping through the Jungle. There were a few large and frightening coconut crabs.”

The stairway to nowhere is a metaphor for the current state of dilapidation on the Chagos.